Museum of Beer
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Museum of Beer San Diego will be made up of eight core exhibits that represent the most important and engaging topics related to beer and San Diego craft beer.

Each major exhibit will be augmented by a variety of supporting exhibits and experiences, all designed to maximize guest interaction, immersion, and enjoyment.




As the first stop on the museum experience, this exhibit features a nano brew system where guests will take a crash course on the science and process of brewing. They will learn how hops, yeast, grains, and water are combined in various ways to create the wide range of flavor profiles that exist today and will also get an overview of fermentation, sanitation, and recipe development.

Hands On: Guests will have the opportunity to see, smell, and touch some of the raw ingredients that go into beer making and will have their first encounters with the sheer variety of hops, grains, and yeasts that are used in brewing. The exhibit will also include demonstrations on how to pour, taste and enjoy San Diego’s world famous craft beers. This highly spirited and educationally driven introduction will give guests the information needed to maximize their journey through the museum.




This is where visitors will see how the world of beer is organized. Not only will they learn about the differences between the two overarching style categories—lagers and ales—they will find out about all the major kinds of beer that are made around the world, along with the basics of color, aroma, and flavor that go with each style.

Hands On: An interactive, multi-sensory map of the world will provide guests with a fun and engaging way to see which beers come from which countries around the globe.

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America’s Hoppiest City

Community, Pride, Passion, Innovation, and Collaboration are the core values that define San Diego’s craft brewing history.  From its roots in the late 19th century to the present day, San Diego’s entrepreneurial spirit and relentless persistence have built a reputation that is second to none.  

This self-guided, multi-sensory/multi-tech exhibit takes visitors on a historic journey from San Diego to Tijuana and back as it creatively traces the timeline of the city’s rise to the top of the craft world.  As visitors view prominent artifacts, they will see and hear stories of trials, tribulations, and successes from the region’s legendary brewers. 

Guests will learn about the critical role home brewers have played and will explore some of the pathways from beer fanatic to home brewer to professional brewmaster.  This exhibit will provide unique access to rare collections from the community, will showcase past awards, and will celebrate key organizations such as Home Brew Mart, Pinkboots, QUAFF, and Brewchive.  

Hands On: An interactive, multimedia installation will display the core branches of San Diego’s “Brewing Family Tree,” which will show the myriad connections among the founding breweries and the brewing landscape today. 




Videos and virtual reality bring guests an exhilarating opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to create delicious beer in a brewhouse. Attendees will be part of the entire beer making process and will see a brewer make key choices about the grain bill, mash temperature, hop choices, yeast choices, adjuncts, and overall brewing techniques. 

Hands On: Brew Your Own Beer (BYOB). Guests step into the role of master brewer as they create and “virtually” brew their own craft beer utilizing the museum’s unique BYOB system.  Guests will have the ability to experiment with various ingredients, brewing temperatures, fermentation styles and conditioning methods to produce their own “award winning” recipe. 

The visitor’s delicious beverage will “brew” on the screen in front of him or her and a tasting card will then appear, which recommends similar local beers that can be found at the museum’s extensive Tasting Room.  It will also contain information and directions to local breweries that have craft beers similar to the recipe that was  created.  These results will also be added to each guest’s customized “Hoppy Times Report” (described in detail later in this overview).



Getting Beer to You

This exhibit focuses on all the critical stages that are involved in handling beer once it is brewed. Engaging and interactive displays will show the ins-and-outs of how draft systems work, how kegs are filled, how bottles and cans are filled, and how beer is kept from going bad. Alongside this presentation, a full interactive display of beer glass styles and shapes will enlighten guests about the specific designs of each and why they’re important. 

Hands On: The Perfect Pour - Pouring beer is an art and critical to the overall tasting experience.  This technology-driven exhibit challenges guests to pour the perfect beer utilizing a digital draft system.  Visitors will step behind a bar to test their technique while motion-capture software tracks their progress.  A real-time representation of their efforts will appear on an adjacent video screen and the system will give guests their “pour score.” 

Visitors can use this stop as practice or to challenge a friend to a “pour-off” and see who reigns as the ultimate beer tender!  The results will be added to the visitor’s “Hoppy Times Report”, which will be emailed or texted to each guest at the end of their MoB experience.  



from Can to Canvas

As special as each craft beer is that fills a can or bottle, the same should be said about the artwork found on the label; it tells the unique story of a brewery while reinforcing its brand, values, and ideologies. It also drives sales and adds impact and value to a business that, in order to survive, requires consumers to take notice of it.

The Art of Craft celebrates the mashup of brewing and art, two worlds that come together in a gallery style setting, and highlights the most iconic logos, cans, and labels found across the San Diego craft beer spectrum.  A rotating exhibit of local artists who have created iconic beer art will also be on display in this area. 

Hands On: Drawing inspiration from the logos and labels on display, visitors will create their own personalized beer labels, which will be printed directly onto a can or bottle as a one-of-a-kind keepsake. 



Sun, Surf, and Beer!

Exhilarating drone footage and hi-tech video will immerse guests in the awe-inspiring landscape of San Diego beer.  Viewers will “fly” from the mountains of Alpine to the white sands of Coronado and will “drop into” crowds at beer festivals, beer gardens, tasting rooms, and iconic craft beer bars. Along the way, San Diegans of all kinds will relate their unique craft beer experiences and will inspire every viewer to be a part of this unique and exciting region.

Hands On: Through innovative video and software technology, guests will be able to ask questions of brewers and will have a custom-created conversation. Questions will span all topics, including brewing, beer, food, San Diego landmarks, San Diego history, and great things to do in San Diego. 

Interactive: Along with the “Hoppy Times Report” a tailor-made itinerary will be generated for each guest. 



The  91X Film Set

The super-popular Friday morning specialty show on 91X, Beer For Breakfast, will find permanent residence inside the Museum of Beer.  Each week, the radio crew will tape live from their custom built set within the venue.  Shows will cover a wide range of topics while hosting local breweries and industry professionals.  Episodes will air across multiple social media outlets and provide for a constant flow of quality content streaming from the museum.

During the week, the BFB set will be used as the final stop on the tour where guests will receive a flight of tastings to conclude their MoB experience, along with basic instructions about how to taste and evaluate beer, how to pair beer with food, and how to store and age beer.  The location will also be used for capturing additional content such as live band performances, educational talks, and chef demonstrations.  It will be a great place for guests to take photos as the lighting will be perfect and the backdrop... epic!

Hands On: Hoppy People Unite! A “feel good” and ever evolving exhibit that unites people through their MoB experience. Guests will walk through a canopy of hops vines where they can choose to pass along a positive message to other guests of the museum.   Hop-shaped cards will be available for guests to write down their message and attach it to the vines.  As the messages accumulate, the visual grows.

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